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Style CrushChoosing the Right Scent

Fragrance fanatic or new to scents, finding a fragrance that suits one’s profile is usually an unrewarding experience. When approaching a fragrance counter, the only information about any of the scents in front of you, is how the bottle looks, which, of course, tells the customer nothing about how it smells when in contact with skin. We are often left to sniff a few selections from hundreds of available bottles with the help of an overbearing sprayer, which is usually no help at all.

Scents can become a signature, an extension of you. How do you find the one?

Do some research before hitting the stores. Trying to pick the perfect scent on the fly, here are a couple of easy tips to help land a smell that will stay with you for years and feels (and smells) like you.

Sometimes, the best place to start is by using your nose. Think about it. Your nose will tell you if you love it or are ultimately repelled.

If you are brand-new to fragrances, think about the other distinctive smells that you enjoy in your life, especially ones in products you use on your body. The coconut shampoo at your gym? Your fresh and green body wash? The soft and mineral smell of your clothes after laundry? Even the tobacco in the cigarette that you smoke? These can all serve as a high starting point for finding your ideal scent. Search for fragrances with those notes like the ones you love in your other products.

There is help out there. Online resources that will show you fragrances best suited for you and your lifestyle. By looking up the category and primary notes on sites like or and then hunt for new scents in similar groups. Resources like this can be invaluable when discovering what records you are drawn to and finding other scents that include them.

What is your lifestyle, and what fragrance families lend themselves to it? You should also consider intensity. Do you want others to notice the fragrance you’re wearing or is it just for you?

Once you find a family of notes you like, use that as a guide. If you are drawn to vanilla, spend some time exploring fragrances that feature other similar notes like honey, candy or chocolate before you jump to something totally different like fragrances heavy in citrus.

Sample scents the right way
The most crucial part of finding your new favourite fragrance is, of course, trying it on. Spray it on a pulse point where your skin is naturally warm, like your wrist or elbow, so the fragrance will really heat up and reveal itself over time.

Try perfumes on skin first whenever possible! Most people buy a scent of the first impression — within seconds! Fun fact perfume’s top notes literally wear off within 15-30 minutes.T he essence of the smell will reveal with the wearer’s chemistry, and it takes time.

As to why scents sometimes smell different on two different people, Dis you know that fragrances are sensitive to light and heat, and even your own personal body chemistry, diet and hormonal levels. Time of day plays into how a perfume smells on you, how powerful it is, and how long it lasts.

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Your environment also plays a role in how your skin smells. Your surrounding, your diet, and even the weather can have an impact on how the fragrance smells on you, it is essential to try your scent out a few different times during your day.

Tips, rubbing the scent creates heat that will break up the molecules faster. You can accidentally speed up the fragrance life span and miss what the smell was indeed intended to be.

If you prefer a cosmetics store like Sephora, their staff can make a sample vial of fragrances on their shelves so you can wear them over a few days to know how they function in different environments, giving you time to live with the scent.

Discover something you love
The chemical makeup of your chosen scent has effects on the durability of your fragrance. A big misconception is that all perfumes last very long. While oil concentration affects scent strength and how much a scent lingers in the air, the ingredients used in a fragrance formula often matter more.

Finding a scent you love can be challenging, but if you know what you’re looking for, and how to look for it, the experience can be enjoyable.

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